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What is Crystal Magic?

What is Crystal Magic?

What is Crystal Magic?

You probably know that crystals are said to focus and radiate energy, but did you know that crystals are used in many technological devices due to their amazing ability to transmit energy? For example, rubies are used in laser technology because of their ability to focus energy. Quartz crystals are used in radios, computers, and watches for the same reason. Something known as the piezoelectric effect allows crystals to turn various types of energy into electrical signals that allow the device to function.


So, how can we use utilize crystals in our own life to create incredible results?


Holding crystals

Holding crystals and visualizing is one of the best ways to manifest desired outcomes. Contact with these energy transmitters allow out bodies vibrations to flow through the crystal and manifest our intentions in physical reality. Consider palm stones, raw stones and small tumble stones.


Speaking affirmations to crystals

 Sound has proven extremely effective in terms of the crystal being able to focus our energy and ultimately produce positive results in the physical world. Consider towers, spheres, and geodes.


Which crystals are most powerful for manifesting?


The best way to determine the answer is to look internally. Which crystals are you called to? What are you wanting to manifest in your life. Personally, I have always felt connected to agate both energetically and visually as it embodies a soothing energy that makes me feel safe, secure and balanced. It is important to connect with your chosen crystals and part of that is to be clear about what it is you want to manifest. Below are some examples to get you started.


Aquamarine Crystal:

Struggling to think positively? Cleanse yourself of negative thinking patterns with raw aquamarine.


Blue Apatite Crystal:

Feeling stuck?  Use blue apatite to open yourself up and gain knowledge so you can move forward and develop on your personal growth journey.


Moonstone Crystal:

Need to strengthen your intuition?  Moonstone is excellent for connecting you with your feminine intuition so that you can make empowered choices and navigate difficult times effortlessly.


Rose Quartz Crystal:

Raw Rose Quartz

Feeling insecure? Rose quartz is the perfect stone to connect you with the beauty of yourself and others. Its nourishing energy helps to repair damage in the heart.


Rainbow Fluorite Crystal:

Need to harness your focus? Rainbow moonstone is ideal when needing to limit mental distractions and allows you to get things done that align with your highest good.


Sodalite Crystal:

Feeling lost? Gaze at a piece of sodalite to gain new wisdom and insight through increased connection with spirit guides.


Pink Kunzite Crystal:

Need help? Known as the mother’s stone- kunzite helps alleviate ay anxieties and depression and helps you to regulate emotions so you can feel more positive about the future.


Whatever your intention, there is a crystal that can help you to manifest a positive outcome whether you choose to keep a crystal close when you need reassurance or prefer to speak out your affirmations. Crystals allow you to transmute your inner energy into a more positive outer reality!


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